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Cafeteria Calendar & Resources

Welcome to Our School Cafeteria Resources Page

On this page you will find information about key LAUSd Meal Programs and Resources as well as links to other Non-District Resources.

We hope that you can find everything you need on this page, but if you still prefer to see the district Food Services Devision Page, Please click here...



Our school is designated a Provision 2 School.  In Fall of 2015, LAUSS sent home meal applications to students district wide.  Results showed that 93% of our students qualify for Free or Reduced Breakfast and Lunch.  Because of this, none of our students pay our school regardless of their eligibility.  It is more cost effective for the district to pay for the remaining 7% than to purchase additional personnel and machinery to keep up with the lunch counts and billing.  Occasionally, you may receive a lunch application by mail or from our school.  If you do, please fill it out and return it as soon as possible.

Cafe LA Menus

The Food Services Division works with schools to ensure that healthy meals and/or snacks are always available to students, whether they are at school, off campus for a special activity, participating in a school program taking place outside the regular school day, or involved in some other special circumstance.

Listed below are the different menus they offer. These menus all meet, or exceed the strict District and USDA nutritional guidelines. 



Breakfast Menu 

Grades K-5 Menu

Menu para el Desayuno

 Grades K-5 Menu

Lunch Menus

January 2017

December 2016 

November 2016

October 2016

September 2016

August 2016


Menu Para el Almuerzo (Lonche)

Enero 2017

Deciembre 2016

Noviembre 2016

Octubre 2016

Septiembre 2016

Agosto 2016




 Field Trip Menu


Breakfast In The Classroom

Our school participates in the Breakfast In The Classroom (BIC) Program.


What is Breakfast In The Classroom (BIC)?

Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC) provides breakfast at no charge to students in class, after the first bell or on their way to class.


How Will Breakfast In The Classroom Be Served?
Breakfast in the Classroom meals are packed at the cafeteria and picked up in temperature controlled bags by the students and delivered to the classrooms.

I'm In To BIC

Benefits of Breakfast

BIC Video

BIC Information


National School Lunch Program (NSLP)

In 1946, Congress recognized the need for a permanent program that would provide schools with funding for student lunches. Legislation was implemented as the “National School Lunch Act”.

After School Programs

After school snacks and suppers give children a nutritional boost and draw them into supervised activities that are safe and offer learning opportunities.  Both Youth Services and LA's Best Pass out a Supper Meal to ALL students who are present free of charge.